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Our clinics offer rapid and PCR testing for COVID-19

Reasons to Get Tested

  • If you have COVID-19 symptoms

  • At least 5 days after known or suspected close contact to COVID-19

  • For screening (schools, workplaces, congregate settings, etc.)

  • Before and after travel

  • When asked by a healthcare professional or public health official

Types of Viral Tests

Laboratory Test

  • Sample can either be a nasal swab or saliva

  • Results usually in 1-3 days

  • Results are reliable for people with and without symptoms

  • No follow-up test required

  • Common example: PCR test


Rapid Test

  • Sample is usually a nasal swab

  • Results usually in 15-30 minutes

  • Results may be less reliable for people without symptoms

  • Follow-up test may be required

  • Common example: Antigen test

Actions After Result

If Positive Result

If Negative Result

  • If up to update on vaccines: return to normal activities. Wear a mask indoors in areas where the COVID-19 Community Level is high.

  • If not up to date on vaccines and have symptoms or exposure: quarantine for at least 5 days.

  • If not up to date on vaccines and have no symptoms or exposure: return to normal activities. Take steps to get up to date on vaccines to protect yourself and others.

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